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Last updated: 11/22/2016
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The Crew of APS Recycling has left the field for the final time. We would like to sincerely thank all of our loyal friends, customers, and vendors. APS Recycling will soon be dissolved forever.

For information on why we're closed click Here or Here.
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We’re throwing in the towel and selling off the Equipment!

With the recent announcement that the Interstate 80 Highway Expansion project is a definite go; it has become a virtual impossibility to re-open the old APS Recycling Yard. While the dispute over land ownership continues; it seems by the time that gets cleared up, the state will be taking the property under imminent domain for the highway expansion.

Even though plans for the Interstate 80 Expansion project are not finalized, all versions of the expansion involve the APS Recycling property becoming a rain water runoff retention pond.

When the APS equipment was being auctioned off in November of 2014; a new company (which we’ve been referring to as “NOT-APS Recycling”) was formed to bid on and retain equipment necessary to re-open the scrapyard. Since we will soon not have a yard, we will no longer need the equipment we bought.

It’s all up for sale as of now. Some things have already been listed and sold, however, there's quite a bit left that is up for grabs.

Follow the links below for the things which are already listed up for sale. (This may take some time to list everything, so check back every now and then.)

Direct any inquiries to Mike Olejar at 57O-574-5153 or e-mail me at MikeOlejar@yahoo.com

Equipment for Sale

Doelger and Kirsten No 1 ½ B2H24 Alligator Mechanical Shear $3,000.00

Used Road Plate for Sale, Various Sizes

Greenberg Engineering Model 312S Wire and Cable Stripper $2,500.00

Quincy 10 HP Dual Head Air Compressor - $2,200.00

45' Belt Fed Material Conveyor - $1,300.00

5,000 lb. Floor Scale Package - $850.00

Marvel Power Hacksaw Model 9A $850.00

Cars and Trucks for Sale

1979 Ford Ranchero

1988 Mercury Cougar